Family Planning

If you’re moving to a new home because you’re adding to your family, here are some things to think about for “kid-proofing” your home:

• Buy safety clips for drawers, cabinets and electrical outlets;
• Put valuables out of reach to avoid breakage;
• Be sure shelving and book cases aren’t top heavy;
• Outdoor safety and accommodations (play area, tree house, swings);
• Sport related accommodations;
• A sand box will encourage the kids to play more outdoors;
• Parental controls on TVs and computers;
• Establish a play area and plan for lots of toy storage and organization;
• Paint the children’s room with something fun (clouds, balloons, animals, bubbles, strips, geometric designs, accent walls).

Of course, you won’t need these the day you bring junior home from the hospital, but if you’re adopting or marrying into a ready-made family with older children, you may find these ideas helpful. You’ve found and bought the right house, you’ve gotten organized to ensure you take proper care of everything and identified ways to be more cost efficient. Let the home value appreciation begin!

How to Add Market Value

Most homebuyers hope the market remains in good condition to allow their homes to appreciate over their years of residency. Here are a few tips that can help to increase the market value of your new home:

• Think energy efficient;
• Low maintenance home and landscaping adds appeal to buyers;
• A pretty lawn is only going to help;
• Yes, those trees and plants can add value;
• Water filtration system in the kitchen;
• Hardwood floors are more marketable, easier to clean and don’t add sediments to the air quality of your home;
• Kitchen updates can be low cost and add high value and can be done in small increments, think shiny new stainless steel;
• Bathroom updates are similar;
• Brass switch plates enhance the look of each room;
• A sunny room “feels” larger, consider vertical blinds or shutters over heavy traditional drapes.

One of the reasons you purchased your home asset was to enjoy its appreciation. That means that you want the value to increase over time to ensure you make a profit when and if you decide to sell. You may also have a need at some point to borrow funds and appreciation will be most helpful if you have a financial emergency.

Ready, Set, Go

We know all this information can be overwhelming, tedious and intimidating. If you’re now thinking “yikes” it’s going to be okay! Being properly prepared for your new home will make the process faster, safer, easier and you may even have a lot of fun shopping!

Negotiate the price and ask for what you want, negotiation can help you add extra luxuries to your home at low or no cost and negotiating is an art that is just fun! You’ll also enjoy the tax benefits that come with being a homeowner and your monthly fixed rate mortgage payments won’t increase annually like your rent did. This is an investment in your future. Your beautiful new home can stay in your family for many years to come or after an appropriate time of appreciation, you can sell it for a nice profit. And you can also have a new appreciation for with word “privacy.” Rental home life can be neighbor challenging and remember your home will be fully paid in the years to come. You’re doing a good thing for yourself and your family with this purchase, have a great time!